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Frank Higginbotham

Frank “The Tank” Higginbotham brings over 10 years of CrossFit experience to CFJI including certifications for CrossFit L1, L2 and Burgener L1. He is a genie when it comes to fixing poor form and reversing bad habits. He may think he has the best squat depth but his 2-year old daughter will quickly show him up as she effortlessly air squats below parallel to pick up a crayon.

Patrick Brown

Patrick brings a long resume of certified athleticism. Although CrossFit has been part of his life for the past 10 years, he holds professional rankings in golf and water skiing (he won the state championship in water skiing!). An enthusiastic fist-bumper, Patrick will be pushing you until the last second of every WOD, and then be there to celebrate with you when its done.

Shannon Ryan

Don’t let her angelic smile fool you. When Shannon is ready to put in the work she likes angry music and taking verbal abuse. However, when coaching class she is sugar, some spice, and everything nice. She believes teamwork makes the dreamwork and would program synchronized burpees into every WOD if we let her.

Peter Voorhees

Peter has been active in athletics and fitness all his life. In 2017 Peter retired, moved to Johns Island, and became a member of CrossFit Johns Island. Prior to retiring he was a professional pilot and a high school teacher and coach. He is married to Angie and they have three children and six grandchildren.  What appeals to Peter about coaching and participating in CrossFit is the variety of the program, the community bonding and support within the gym membership, but especially that no matter what the ability of the athlete is, workouts can be adjusted to assure fitness gains. As a certified Masters Athlete trainer, Peter is particularly in tune to those athletes that, while more senior in age, still aspire towards maintaining health and wellness utilizing an active life style. 

Steve Mantie

Some call him (grand)Pa-Pa but here we call him Steve. This fire-fighting, cardio king has been involved with fitness since 2012, holding both an L1 and ACE personal training certification. Steve doesn’t like remixes but he does like coaching class through some great warm-ups.

Justin Fisher

If you are looking for a morning workout warrior look no further –you will often find Justin in the gym before the sun comes up. Doing CrossFit for over 10 years, Justin brings tons of experience under the bar (his favorite move is the snatch!). Also serving as our in-house chiro expert you can always go to him with those sore muscles for some TLC. This also means he will keep a watchful eye out for proper form and provide great stretching recos to help avoid injury.

Rachael Dobies

This Connecticut native and Auburn alum moved to Johns island with her rescue pup to live by the water. After being a gymnast for 18 years, she found CrossFit in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. When she’s not at the gym,  you can find her drinking copious amounts of cold brew and adventuring around Charleston with her camera.

Stephanie Little

Stephanie comes to us from Maryland where she started her career as a professional chef. As a lover of the outdoors, she now calls Charleston home where she can boat and hike to her hearts content. When she isn’t coaching, you can find her on her homestead where she raises dogs, chickens and alpacas! Don’t forget to grab a dozen of her chicken eggs before you leave the gym.

Nolan Schillerstrom

Don’t let Nolan’s kind and patient demeanor fool you, he’s definitely trying to race you in the workout of the day. After being a college tennis player and coach and then fully recovering from 2 ACL surgeries, he is now a competitive crossfitter and oly weightlifter with a deep understanding of injury recovery and prevention. He is a full time golden retriever who thinks almost every workout is fun, loves helping you reach your goals, and will tell you “good job” and mean it, even if you don’t believe it yet.

If you want to upgrade your barbell skills and numbers, ask about Wild Barbell, our in-house weightlifting club, owned and operated by Coach Nolan. and @wild.barbell on instagram.

Bradley Waters

Bradley began his CrossFit journey right here at CrossFit Johns Island and has never looked back. He has a true passion for seeing others succeed and hit those PRs! Although his fitness background is in powerlifting movements he is now a snatch and clean addict.

Expect a constant smile – even while he’s pushing you to get that one more extra rep!

Paul Phelps

Former college soccer player, Paul got started with CrossFit at CFJI in 2021. After years of classes, and competing in competitions he wanted to share what he learned with the CFJI community and got his L1. He brings his competitive nature, love for aggressive music and consistent urging of his students to “empty the tank” to his classes, along with as much warming-up and stretching as possible.

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